Where We Are

12 locations. 32 countries.

Starting from its first office in Romania, DT Consult has followed the evolution of companies' internationalization needs over time, expanding first in Eastern Europe, then in strategic European markets such as D-A-CH, to the most important overseas countries.

Today we provide consultancy and support in Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, USA, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua and Brazil.

DT Consult Romania

Strada Busuiocului n. 4A/7,
540535 Targu Mures

DT Consult Poland

ul. Popieluszki 2 lok. 11
62-510 Konin

DT Consult Czech

Nezamyslova 14
12800 Praga 2
Repubblica Ceca

DT Consult Hungary

Arany Janos ut., n. 55
4025 Debrecen

DT Consult Adria

Radivoja Dinulovića 49, 18250 Niš

DT Consult Albania

Rr. Dervish Hima, Pall. n. 8/7, 1060 Tirana

DT Consult Bulgaria

Ul. Sheynovo, n. 18
1504 Sofia

DT Consult D-A-CH

Postfach 560, FL – 9490 Vaduz

DT Consult Usa

Providencia St.
21461 Los Angeles

DT Consult Costa Rica
and Central America

Condominio Parque del Sol, Casa 124, Ciudad Colon
10906 San Jose
Costa Rica

DT Consult Brazil

Rua Vitor Konder N. 125 / Sala 1001, 88015-400 Florianopolis, Brasile

DT Consult East Africa

17° Floor Icea Building, Kenyatta Avenue, 00100 Nairobi