Who We Are

A local country manager in each market
and country of destination.

DT Consult’s country managers live in the country where the company wants to expand.

They breathe its culture every day, know its strengths and weaknesses, speak the local language perfectly and move around the area to select potential customers, suppliers and contacts.

A team of professionals who can communicate with the company to keep it updated on the project progress.

Matteo Montanari

General Manager

Founder of DT Consult.
Expert in international markets thanks to his experience as an export manager that has taken him to 5 continents.
He lived in Romania for 15 years, where he founded DT Consult in 2008.
Member of the Board of Directors of Confindustria Romania for 5 years.

He is currently General Manager of DT Consult.
Languages spoken: Italian, English and Romanian.

Alexandra Chiru

Country Manager Romania and Moldova

Graduated in Economics and with a Master’s in Business Management, she has a track record of successful internationalization projects, from business development, supply chain building to opening production facilities.
At DT Consult since 2012, she is now Country Manager in Romania and Moldova.

Languages spoken: Romanian (native language), Italian and English.

Gian Luca Fracassi

Communication Manager

With a long experience as Art Director in communication agencies, Creative Director for international magazines and Communication Manager for companies in Europe and Asia, he joined DT Consult in 2022 to support companies on the image, branding and marketing side, with a focus on sustainable communication in the internationalization process.

Giuseppe Monserrato

Business Strategist

Long-term managerial experience in multinationals and consultancy for SMEs in commercial relaunch and internationalization processes.
Joined DT Consult with the aim of supporting companies in the phase of verifying, reorganizing and reviewing their market approach, in order to develop the most appropriate value proposition and develop it in international markets.

Christoph Ochsenreiter

Country Manager D-A-CH area

Great connoisseur of the mechanical and automotive sector in Germany, Austria and Switzerland where he boasts twenty years of experience and relationships at OEM, Tier 1 and Tier 2 level.
Since 2018 in the DT Consult team he has successfully followed internationalization projects also in the furniture sectors, food and IT.
Languages ​​spoken: German (native language), Italian, English, Spanish.

Olivier Roques

Country Manager France

With an MBA from International Business School in Paris in International Trade, he is a French entrepreneur with international experience in Spain and Italy and with in-depth knowledge in EMEA, US and Asian markets.
He specializes in the creation of distribution channels and the management of international tenders.
Languages spoken: French (native), Italian, English and Spanish.

Pedro Juliá Rius

Country Manager Spain and Portugal

Great expert in the industrial textile and real estate sector in EMEA, where he boasts extensive experience of more than 25 years in numerous internationalizations, business transformation, operations, communication and change of mind-set projects.
Master’s in General Management at the IESE Business School-University of Navarra.
Languages spoken: Spanish (native), Italian, English and French.

Andrew Clarke

Country Manager UK

Extensive global corporate, Country Manager, SME and consultancy experience across a range of industries: Automotive, Oil & Gas, B2B, Retail, Martech, Housewares, Food & Beverage.
He has achieved success in strategy, brand development, business growth, franchise networks, sales and marketing operations. He has a degree in Finance and Accounting.
Languages spoken: English (native), French, Italian and German.

Ekaterina Hansen

Country Manager Scandinavia

Having obtained her Master of Science and Business Administration in Applied Economics and Finance from Copenhagen Business School, she gained considerable experience in internationalization and business promotion during her time at the Trade Council, operating under the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Languages spoken: Danish, Russian, Italian and English.

Beata Wieliczko

Country Manager Poland

With a degree in Italian language and literature in Krakow, she has been developing internationalization projects for foreign companies in Poland for many years and is an expert in the field of Polish subsidized financing to support investments.
She is also on the Board of Directors of the Konin Chamber of Commerce. At DT Consult, since 2019, she is Country Manager in Poland.
Languages spoken: Polish (native language), Italian, English and French.

Petra Ninčević

Country Manager Serbia and Adriatic

With a degree in Italian language and literature, she immediately gained extensive international experience in internationalization processes, living in Italy and Dubai. A great connoisseur of intercultural dynamics, with excellent multicultural adaptation skills.
At DT Consult since 2021, she is now Adria Country Manager (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and North Macedonia).
Spoken languages: Serbo-Croatian (native language), Italian, English and Spanish.

András Kövari

Country Manager Hungary

Graduated from the Elte University in Budapest, he has been active in international trade with Hungary since 1990. A great connoisseur of the country and its economic dynamics, he has introduced numerous companies to the Hungarian market and accompanied Hungarian companies in their internationalization process.
Since 2016 he has been Country Manager in Hungary at DT Consult.
Languages spoken: Hungarian (native language), Italian, English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Tamara Arutyunyan Uzunyan

Country Manager Bulgaria

Graduated from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan with a degree in Economics and Business, she has extensive experience and knowledge in project management, corporate communications and marketing.
Develops internationalization initiatives for Bulgarian companies.
At DT Consult since 2014 she is Country Manager in Bulgaria.
Languages spoken: Bulgarian (native language), Italian, English, Russian and Armenian (native language).

Jitka Mervicová

Country Manager Czech Rep. and Slovakia

With a degree in Economics from Prague and a Master’s degree from the University of Trieste, she has successfully followed the business development of companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for over 20 years.
At DT Consult since 2019 she is Country Manager in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Languages spoken: Czech (native language), Slovak, Italian and Russian.

Soni Shkodrani

Country Manager Albania and Kosovo

Graduated in Economics with a Master’s in business administration, he has held important commercial roles in major Albanian companies in the hydrocarbon sector, and has successfully implemented several SME internationalization projects in Albania and Kosovo.
At DT Consult since 2017 he is Country Manager in Albania and Kosovo.
Languages spoken: Albanian (native language), Italian, English, German and Spanish.

Sara Mouak

Country Manager Morocco

She graduated in Business Economics and Legal Studies with a double Masters in international Commercial Strategies.
She has successfully led numerous internationalization and commercial expansion projects in support of European businesses in the Moroccan and North African markets.
Languages spoken: Arabic and French (native), English and Spanish.

Vincent Oluoch Odhiambo

Country Manager East Africa

Graduated in Economics with a Masters in International Business, he has successfully implemented numerous internationalization projects with European, Asian and African companies in East Africa. He is currently a reference point for international companies in Kenya.
At DT Consult, he has been Country Manager in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda) since 2023.
Languages spoken: English (native language), Swahili (native language).

Gianmario Beccaria

Country Manager Costa Rica and Central America

Graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin.
He has held the position of project manager for real estate and construction companies in northern Italy. Since 2005, he has been helping companies invest in Central American markets.
In DT Consult from 2023, he is country manager for Costa Rica and Central America.
Languages spoken: Italian (native language), Spanish and English.

Oscar Lenzi

Country Manager Brazil

For more than 20 years he has been pursuing internationalization projects in Brazil, where he has successfully brought many Italian companies, which he follows up with his staff able to solve and anticipate customs, import and tax problems in Brazil.
At DT Consult from 2021, he is Country Manager in Brazil.
Languages spoken: Portuguese (native language), Italian (native language), Spanish and English.

Massimo Bortolotto

Country Manager USA

Electronics engineer, MBA at the University of Kansas. A great passion for the United States and the culture of “doing business”.
After a managerial career in Italy in the telecommunications sector, he has been supporting SME development in the North American market in various B2B sectors for over ten years.
Languages spoken: Italian (native language) and English.

Stefania Maffesi

Oenologist and wine marketing specialist

With a degree in Oenology from the University of Milan and a Master’s degree in Wine Marketing, she develops content marketing projects for wineries oriented towards internationalization.
She has been a wine marketing specialist at DT Consult since 2023.